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LUXONIS OAK-FFC-OV9282 (pair) carrier board for the Arducam PY010 OV9282 camera module, compatible with OAK-FFC-3P, OAK-FFC-4P, and DepthAI RPi HAT b


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SKU: A00359

'The OAK-FFC-OV9282 is a carrier board for the mono global shutter OV9282 camera module, and is designed to be compatible with OAK-FFC-3P, OAK-FFC-4P, and DepthAI RPi HAT baseboards. In many applications, great color representation and the capability to digitally zoom is very important. So DepthAI was designed with this in mind to provide the option to have high-resolution, accurate color representation at high frame rates to boot. Specifications: Sensor: Mono global shutter OV9282 Pixel Size: 3 μm x 3 μm Active array size: 1280 x 800 Optical Size: 1/4 inch Focusing Range: 20cm ~ infinite IR Sensitive: With IR filter, sensitive to Visible light Output interface: MIPI 2-Lane Output formats: RAW8/RAW10 Maximum image transfer rate: 1280 x 800@120 fps Lens: Low distortion M12 lens (Part Number: M27280M07S) EFL: 2.8mm F.N: 2.8 HFOV: 75 Deg Board Size: 24x25mm'

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