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Auzentech X-Fi Bravura 7.1 Sound Card

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  • Auzentech X-Fi Bravura 7.1 Sound Card
  • Auzentech X-Fi Bravura 7.1 Sound Card

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  • Auzentech X-Fi Bravura 7.1 Sound Card
  • Auzentech X-Fi Bravura 7.1 Sound Card
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  • Sku: azt-bravura
  • Model: azt-bravura

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Quick Overview

Manufacturer: Auzentech. The X-Fi Bravura 7.1 is a sound card for playing movies, music and gaming. Enjoy breathtaking audio for music and movies with DTS Neo:PC and DTS Interactive and when it's time to unwind with your favourite PC game, you won't be left behind with EAX 4.0 support. The Auzen X-Fi Bravura 7.1 is another in a long line of Auzentech sound cards with real technological innovations, such as optimal design for analog audio, input & output mode control, independent headphone output circuitry for professional headphones and Auzentech's proprietary pointing ground power supply (for audio that is free of power supply noise).

The Auzen X-Fi Bravura 7.1 is designed for optimal audio output, both digital and analog. The Creative X-Fi PCI Express core interface audio processor is on the back of the board while the analog circuitry is on the front, allowing for greater signal differentiation and better performing analog circuit design.


PCI Express: PCI Express (PCIe) is a serial bus standard that provides a higher throughput than the older, parallel PCI bus standard. Unlike PCI Express sound cards built with PCI processors adapted for the PCIe slot, the X-Fi Bravura is built around Creative Labs PCI Express processor. As a native PCIe sound card, the X-Fi Bravura can take full advantage of the higher throughput of the PCIe bus.

Input & Output Mode Control: Auzen X-Fi Bravura 7.1 provides presets for analog input & output to adapt to the environment of the user.

Multichannel Speaker Output: The Auzen X-Fi Bravura 7.1 uses 114dB Digital to Analogue Converters (DAC) with high quality metalized capacitors for the filter circuitry. The Operational Amplifiers (OPAMPs) for all channels are upgradable.

Independent Headphone Output Circuitry: With a maximum sampling rate of 24bit 192 kHz output, the Auzen X-Fi Bravura 7.1 is suitable for professional headphones. The proprietary headphone amplifier uses an independent 120dB DAC, an upgradable OPAMP and film capacitors for the DAC filter.

X-Balance Pointing Ground Supply: Auzentech's proprietary Pointing Ground Design shares one point for the DAC, OPAMP, power supply and to the output jack, stopping noise from interfering with the signal, outputting a signal with much less distortion. In the Auzen X-Fi Bravura 7.1, the design has been improved over previous models for even greater output filtering and driving capacity. The X-Balance Pointing Ground Supply uses Conductive Polymer Capacitors with ten times the ESR rating than normal condenser capacitors and a superior instant power supply capacity.

Key Features:

* Creative X-Fi native PCI Express audio processor.
* Supports 7.1 channel playback up to 24bit 96kHz for speakers outputs.
* Supports stereo playback up to 24bit 192kHz with 120dB DAC for headphone output.
* All five output OPAMPs are replaceable by user.
* Exclusive Hifi headphone amplifier for professional headphones with quarter inch phone jack.
* Stereo balanced mode microphone preamplifier for professional microphones.
* Premium quality audio parts including WIMA MKP, Nichicon ES and conductive polymer capacitors.
* Input & Output Mode Control, Pointing Ground Design & X Balance Power Generation System.
* Optical Coaxial combo connector for SPDIF output.
* Intel HD Audio front panel connector.
* DTS Neo:PC and DTS Interactive for Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Rear Panel Connectors:

* Microphone input: 3.5mm phone jack.
* Selectable microphone pre amplifier mode or line input mode.
* Professional headphone output: 6.35mm stereo phone jack.
* Speakers output: Four 3.5mm stereo phone jacks (front, rear, center & subwoofer, side).
* Digital output: RCA coaxial & TOSLINK optical combo jack.
* Front audio: Intel HD Audio connector.
* Extension: Multi SPDIF input output interface.

Would you like to know more? Take a look at Auzentech's detailed product information, specifications & image gallery.


"We quite enjoyed the sound of this card; it has a very musical profile that makes you want to listen to the next song. The card is very detailed and balanced in either headphone or multi-channel output modes... The swappable opamps offer a great deal of sound signature options, allowing the end user to tune their card to their personal taste or tune the card to being a better match for their amplifiers and speakers or favorite headphones... Given the price point, great sound quality, opamp options, powerful headphone amp and component choices we give the Bravura our recommended award. This is a great sounding card and you can make it your own with some simple modifications! If you
*Pictures and description of Auzentech X-Fi Bravura 7.1 Sound Card are for your convenience only and may not be accurate. You should by no means buy this product based on the description or the picture. We will ship you the item based on the product name and manufacturer number only. For more information please visit the manufacturer's website (Manufacturer Product Page).


  • Creative X-Fi native PCI Express audio processor
  • Supports 7.1 channel playback up to 24-bit/96kHz for Speakers outputs
  • Supports stereo playback up to 24-bit/192kHz with 120dB DAC for Headphone output
  • All output OPAMPs (x5) are replaceable by end-user
  • Exclusive Hi-fi headphone amplifier for professional headphones with 1/4" phone jack
  • Stereo/Balanced mode microphone pre-amplifier for professional microphones
  • Premium quality audio pats including WIMA MKP, Nichicon ES and conductive polymer capacitors.
  • I/O Mode Control, Pointing Ground Design™, X-Balance Power Generation System™
  • Optical/Coaxial combo connector for S/PDIF output
  • Intel® HD Audio 10-1 pin front panel connector
  • DTS™ Neo:PC and DTS™ Interactive for Windows™ 7, Vista, and XP 
    (DTS™ Windows 7, Vista and XP available via Driver Download.)

Additional Information

Name Auzentech X-Fi Bravura 7.1 Sound Card
Supplier Product Number azt-bravura
Brand Auzentech
Condition Brand New
Audio Channel 7.1 Channels
Digital Audio 24-bit
Sound Card Internal
Interface PCI Express
SNR 120dB
Sample Rate 192KHz
Audio Chipset Creative
Connectivity Line / Microphone
Input : 1/8”(3.5mm) phone jack
Selectable Microphone Pre-Amplifier Mode or Line Input Mode
Headphone Output : 1/4”(6.35mm) stereo phone jack
Speakers Output : 4 x 1/8”(3.5mm) stereo phone jacks (Front/Rear/Center-SW/Side)
Digital Output : RCA(Coaxial) / TOSLINK(Optical) Combo jack
Front Audio : Intel® HD Audio 10-1 Pin connector
Extension : Multi S/PDIF I/O interface 8-1 pin connector

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